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Towel Rail Radiators

Perfect for bathrooms, towel radiators are exactly what they say they are. Radiators made primarily for bathrooms and heating your towels.

Compared to the standard heating devices for your bathroom, towel rails are longer, and slimmer, and designed to warm your room, and your garments. From standard wet system installations to electrical towel rails, you can turn on or off as needed.

We sell a massive selection of towel radiators from leading manufactures including Stelrad, Towelrads and Myson.

The range offers both standard and designer options, in various styles, shapes and finishes so you are bound to find something to suit for your home décor.

For guidance on individual radiator delivery times, please check the delivery notes on each radiator product page.

A restocking charge of up to 25% will be applied to selected radiators returned surplus to requirement (unless goods are returned faulty when no restocking charge will apply).

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Do You Need a Better Way to Heat Your Bathroom?

From standard radiators, to towel rail radiators, Direct Heating Supplies has the perfect product for your bathroom. No space is too big, or too small, for a bathroom radiator. All of our units come with manufacturer’s warranties, most of which are included in the pricing, allowing you the coverage you need on the off-chance that something were to go wrong.

Why Should You Buy A Heated Towel Rail?

Compared to the standard heating devices for your bathroom, towel rails are longer, and slimmer, and designed to warm your room, and your garments. From standard wet system installations, to electrical towel rails you can turn on or off as needed, we definitely have one for you. With a variety of styles, brands, and varieties, there is an affordable towel rail radiator for your home! Here are some other benefits to towel rails:

When stepping out of a warm shower, nothing is more dissatisfying than wrapping yourself inside a cold towel, and stepping out into a chilly bathroom. Especially during the winter months, when the temperature inside of your home should be consistently warmer than the temperature outside.

Buying a towel rail from Direct Heating Supplies heats your bathroom, and towels, so you can remain comfortable even when it is icy outside. We guarantee that you will find an affordable unit, with outstanding performance when you choose us. From traditional to designer towel rails, we have a vast array of units so you can find whatever it is you are looking for.

What Types of Towel Rails are there?

With the broad range of towel rails we offer, it can be confusing to know which one is going to be best for your bathroom. To give you a better idea of what to shop for, here are the different types of Towel rails and radiators we offer:

Standard Towel Rails

These are a modern take of the towel rail you have become accustomed to. Our standard towel rail works to productively warm your bathroom and towels, without taking too much space. The standard towel rails we offer come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and brands for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Just note that radiator valves will need to be purchased separately, as they are not included with our towel rails.

Electric Towel Rails

If you want flexibility as to where your towel rail can be placed, you might want to consider buying an electric towel rail. These units do not need to be connected to your plumbing to work, like most wet system rails do. They are reliable, flexible, and stylish, while conveniently connecting to your electrical supply to heat your bathroom. Purchasing an electric towel rail will result in lower expenses for maintenance or installation, as they do not need to be installed by a professional in order to work.

Designer Towel Rails

Do you want a towel rail that stands out from the rest? One that looks trendy, and stylish, instead of a carbon copy of the other varieties out there? Then, consider buying yourself a designer towel rail. The attractive towel rails by the UK's best known manufacturers will give your home some character, without breaking the bank, or resulting in you losing out on functionality. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, there is sure to be a radiator available to satisy your needs.

Traditional Towel Rails

If you prefer the look of a conventional radiator, then we have you covered. Perfect for giving your bathroom some added elegance, or adding to the style of your home, a traditional unit will seamlessly fit into any room. The stylish curves and ornate finishes in each one of these radiators have an eye catching design to make it a focal point. With the combination of classic styles, and modern technologies, our traditional towel rails will enhance the look and feel of any room you put them in.

What Else Should You Consider?

When it comes to towel rails and radiators, there are two main types: plumbed, and electric. The system you buy for your home will depend on the room you need to heat, as well as your current system. Personal preference can also come to play in terms of style and functionality. However, there are some basic things to know about each type of radiator:

Plumbed Radiators

These hot water systems run from a boiler. The water is heated, and then circulated around your home through pipes. If you are looking to simply add or replace a unit, you will most likely be looking into a plumbed radiator, as they can be connected to your existing heating system.

Electric Radiators

Whether or not you currently have a plumbed system in place, you might want to consider an electric rail for your home. They are stand-alone units that run off of the electricity supply in your home, with some that can be plugged into a socket, and others needing a qualified electrician to install the unit. Anyone looking to heat a single room might prefer an electric radiator.

Why Choose Direct Heating Supplies?

The selection of bathroom radiators are some of the most unique designs on the market from the most notable manufacturers in the UK. Whether you prefer a classic style of radiator, or one that looks like a piece of perfectly functional art, we have what you need! Each of our radiators will bring new life into your bathroom, with design, colour and performance working together to heat your space in style. The sleek looks of these units are only an added bonus to the value we give for our outstanding products. At Direct Heating Supplies we offer a variety of radiators, at affordable prices, from the most recognisable brands.