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Types of Radiators

Types of radiatorsThere are a few different types of radiators available, each with their own suitability to which room they would suite.

For example, if you had a large room space but not a large area to fit a radiator to, you will need a thicker radiator to compensate for the lack of space.



K1 Radiators

K1 radiators are typically the basic radiators to go for, and generally the cheapest. They consist of one panel on the front with a heating convector behind it. K1 radiators are best suited for small rooms or medium rooms that can accommodate a larger overall size.

Also known as Type 11

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 K1 radiator




P+ Radiators

The next step up from K1 radiators, the P+ consists of two panels (one front, one back) with a single convector running between the two. They are suited for small to medium rooms and offer better heating than K1 radiators, although they are slightly thicker in size.

Also known as Type 21

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 P+ radiators




K2 Radiators

K2 radiators feature both panels (one front, one back) in addition to two convectors between them. K2 radiators are most useful as you don't need a large size in order to get the required heating output.

Also known as Type 22

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 K2 radiators




K3 Radiators

K3 radiators feature three panels and three convectors and are useful for rooms that require a massive amount of heat to warm up. For standard domestic properties, an appropriately sized K2 radiator should be more than suitable, however for larger rooms such as halls that need that little bit extra, K3 radiators may be worth considering.

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 K3 radiators

If you need further assistance in choosing a radiator, refer to our BTU Calculator to find the heating requirements of the room.