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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an effective alternative to traditional radiators and hot air heating systems, especially in rooms with traditionally cold floors made of stone or tile. Direct Heating Supplies have a wide selection of underfloor heating products and accessories at competitive prices from great brands such as Polypipe, Warmup, Speedfit and Myson. Transform your home today with our extensive range of simple to install underfloor heating. Receive free delivery when you spend over £50 exc vat.

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What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating uses the basic principle of waves of heat rising through the air. Underfloor heating can either be a ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ system. A wet underfloor heating system pumps water through the pipes under the floor. A dry underfloor heating system uses electric coils that are placed under the floor which heat up when the system is turned on. If you’re thinking of purchasing underfloor heating for your home, Direct Heating Supplies offer a wide range of products including underfloor heating packs. Read our overview of underfloor heating systems below and find out how you can benefit from a underfloor heating system.

Advantages of underfloor heating systems

Every method of heating system has pros and cons that must be taken into consideration before purchase. To help you decide whether a underfloor heating system is best suited to you, Direct Heating Supplies have put together the pros and cons, so you don’t have to.

Increased heat efficiency –

If you heat your home with radiators, you will notice they do not heat the entire room in which they are in. Radiators create cold spots within the room they are installed. Radiators will only effectively heat air which is close to them. If you were to stand at the other side of the room, you will be able to tell it is colder than the side the radiator is on, this is called a cold spot. Underfloor heating does not create cold spots within rooms, as the heat travels from the floor surface upwards, it will heat the entire room.

Increased home value -

Underfloor heating is an extremely desirable feature for home buyers, so any property which includes it (even if it's just in one room) may be worth more when the time comes to sell up.

Cons Installation –

Underfloor heating systems require more advanced installation compared to your standard radiator. If you opt for a ‘wet’ underfloor heating system, you’ll need to pay for professional installation rather than completing the work yourself.

Long heating up time –

A underfloor heating system will take longer to heat a room. Many people overcome this issue by purchasing a timer, so the heated floor is at its optimum heating temperature when you desire.

Types of underfloor heating systems

If you’re thinking of installing a underfloor heating system within your home, you have two options, a wet system and a dry system. Confused with the difference between the two? Read below to find out more.

Electric underfloor heating system ‘Dry’

Electric underfloor heating systems function by a network of wires which are installed underneath the flooring. To make installation easier, you can purchase underfloor heating mats, depending on the size and shape of the room. Underfloor heating mats cover large surface areas and make installation easier by threading the underfloor heating pipes across the room and corners. The electric wires which form the dry heating system are fairly thin, making them easier and cheaper to install compared to a water-based option.

Water based underfloor heating system ‘Wet’

Similar to electric underfloor heating, water-based systems function by a network of pipes underneath the flooring which are linked to your boiler to pump hot water around the pipes. Because underfloor heating systems distribute heat more evenly than radiators, they actually use water at a lower heat than a radiator. This ensures that your boiler is working more efficient. Water based underfloor heating systems require a professional for installation which makes it the more costly option. As pipes are thicker than wires there needs to be enough room in your floor for the system to be installed, or the ground may need to be slightly raised.

Are you thinking of installing underfloor heating in your home? Direct Heating Supplies are one of the UK’s leading plumbing and heating retailers, supplying both retail and trade, so you can rest assured you’re purchasing a genuine product from a trusted retailer. Purchase your underfloor heating system today to be eligible for free delivery if your order is over £50 exc vat.