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Universal Heating Control Guide

There is a massive array of heating controls available that are universally compatible with any boiler. Popular brands such as Owl, Honeywell, Danfoss and Drayton offer extensive ranges – you just need to pick one that has the functions you are looking for.

We talk about some of the popular universal heating controls below. Alternatively please view our extensive range of heating controls available with next working day delivery.

Internet Enabled

Technology these days is moving so quickly that often people struggle to keep up with it. However, fear not, here at Direct Heating Supplies we have you covered with our jargon free guide to the latest heating controls to hit the market.

Owl IntuitionOwl Intuition

Owl have their offering of internet enabled heating controls which are both simple to use and highly effective in both controlling and monitoring your heating. The Owl Intuition range comes in three different variations; Intuition-C, Intuition-CW and the Intuition-H.

The Owl range of controls are operated using an app (free to download). Using the app, you can program, monitor and record your heating, hot water and even your energy usage. You can then program the app to include your energy tariff costs, which is then used to display how much your energy is costing you.

Controls for combi boilers, the Intuition-C is wired directly to the boiler.

The Intuition-CW is also for use on combi boiler systems, however it features a wireless unit and a room sensor. This means that you can control the temperatures of multiple rooms.

Compatible with traditional systems that utilise a system or regular boiler with a hot water cylinder, the Intuition-H features a tank sensor which controls hot water temperatures.


Overall, the Owl Intuition is a huge innovation in the heating controls market. With the option of not only controlling your heating but also recording your energy usage, it allows you to tweak your settings on the fly for optimum efficiency no matter where you are. Late getting home? You can delay your heating so its not wasting energy heating an empty house. Coming home early during the winter and want some warmth? You can quickly and easily set the heating to warm up whilst your traveling so its ready for you the minute you walk through the door.


Digital controllers usually feature a wider variety of options for your heating compared with their mechanical counterparts. They generally have a backlit LCD screen with buttons used to operate the device.

Suitable for people who want more control over their heating, digital controllers are the most popular type of heating controls available.

CM901 Room Thermostat (also commonly known as the Honeywell CMT901)Honeywell CM907

The CM901 allows you to program the exact room temperature over a 24 hours period.

It’s easy to install with all combi boilers (thanks to its 2 wire, volt free connections)  and has an easy to read, LED screen.

CM927 Room Thermostat (also commonly known as the Honeywell CMT927)

The CM927 allows you to set 6 different temperatures for each day of the week. It’s easy to install with all combi boilers (thanks to its 2 wire, volt free connections) and has an easy to read, LED screen. 

It even comes with a holiday mode when you're away from your home for a sustained period of time.

Danfoss FP715 Si Programmer

The FP715 Si from Danfoss allows options for 7 day, 24 hour or 5/2 day operation. The 5/2 day operation allows you to set programming options for 5 days of the week (Monday to Friday) and then 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), meaning your weekend programming can be different to your weekday settings. Alternatively, the 7 day program
ming option allows a different setting for each day, whereas the 24 hour setting means everyday has the same setting.

Suitable for all heating systems, but more specifically aimed towards traditional heating systems which include a hot water cylinder due to the two channel heating and hot water control.

Drayton LP722 7 Day Programmer

Drayton's LP722 Programmer features full 7 day programming in a simple to use package, with large buttons and a clear backlit display.

The LP722 is 2 channel, allowing control over both heating and water. The heating control gives you 3 timing periods a day, so for example you could have different settings for morning, afternoon and evening.

This programmer is deal for use with combination boilers and the control of additional zones within your heating system.


Mechanical controllers in general are extremely basic, usually only offering 24 hour time periods in an on/off state.

Their simple construction and operation makes them ideal for people that want something simple and no fuss that works the same from day-to-day.Danfoss 103

Danfoss 103 24 Hour Timeswitch

The Danfoss 103 timeswitch offers 24 hour control over your central heating with 2 separate heating periods. Reliable and easy to use, it is operated by turning the dial until the correct time is aligned and then setting the tappets (sliders) to set the first periods on and off period, and then the same for the second.

The two heating periods allows the timer to bring the heating on, for example, in the morning and in the evening if you're out all day.

Honeywell T6360B Room Thermostat

The T6360 from Honeywell is the most basic of basic heating controls. Featuring a simple dial, the thermostat controls the current heating temperature quickly and easily.

The T6360 comes in a variety of types, including a neon light model and a tamper proof model. There is also a frost stat available, which ensure the heating doesn't
drop below a certain temperature to avoid frost buildup in severe cold weather conditions.

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