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Vaillant Heating Controls Guide

Vaillant Heating Controls GuideUsing a heating control device like a room thermostat or timer can help you to optimise the performance of your heating system, something which can save you a lot of money in the long run. However when you are buying a boiler it can often be a bit overwhelming when it comes to selecting the heating control you want to use as part of your new boiler installation - there are just so many available!

Our Vaillant Heating Controls Guide looks to take the complexity away by showcasing the most popular heating controls available for Vaillant's EcoTec Boilers.

LightbulbWe sell a lot of our Vaillant boiler controls as part of a boiler pack. If you are looking to buy a new boiler it is worth considering taking advantage of our reduced prices by buying a boiler, flue and timer all in one purchase. This helps to make it cheaper and easier to buy. Check out our selection of Vaillant Boiler packs which include your Vaillant Heating Controls with the boiler and flue at a discounted price.

 Vaillant boiler packs with discounted heating controls and thermostats

Vaillant Heating Controls:

Vaillant 150 Timeswitch

Mechanical & Wired

With simple operation using anolgoue buttons as opposed to a digital interface, Vaillant's range of mechanical heating controls make it nice and easy to control your central heating. Please note that the timers listed below need to ne wired directly to the boiler (scroll down further to view wireless devices).

  • Vaillant 150 Analogue Timer
    The Mechanical 150 Analogue Timer is easy to use and makes it easy for you to control your central heating over.
    You simply plug it into the fascia of the boiler and you can then control when your central heating is on and off over the course of a 24 hour period. 
    It’s compatible with all new EcoTEC Plus, Pro and Exclusive boiler models.


Digital & Wired

160 mechanical time switch

Ideal for users who are comfortable reading from a screen, our range of Vaillant digital room thermostats are easy to use and come with a massive array of features. Please note that the timers listed below need to ne wired directly to the boiler (scroll down further to view wireless devices).

  • Vaillant TimeSWITCH 160 Digital Timer
    The Vaillant 160 Timeswitch is a 7 day digital timer that plugs into the front of the boiler fascia to allow you to control when the heating comes on over the course of the week. 
    It’s compatible with all new EcoTEC Plus, Pro and Exclusive boiler models purchased from March 2012 and is recognised as being easy to use thanks to its intuitive digital interface.
  • Vaillant VRC470FVaillant VRC470 Thermostat
    The VRC 470 Programmable Room 7 day Digital Room Thermostat from Vaillant allows you to set 3 different temperatures for each day of the week.The VRC470 is only compatible with the new range of ecoTEC boilers.



Digital & Wireless

160 mechanical time switch

Offering an easy to use, sharp LED screen and wireless connectivity to your boiler, we find that Vailalnt's range of wireless digital room thermostats often prove to be the most popular. This is largely thanks to the easy at which they can be installed and programmed.

  • Vaillant VRT350F
    As one of our most popular programmable room thermostats, the VRT350F stands out as it offers wireless operation (the receiver plugins into the front of your boiler and talks to a control unit which is fitted elsewhere in yoru home) and 3 independent time settings for each day of the week. This works out of the box with combi boilers although additional controls and wiring may be required tif you have a System or Open Vented boiler. 

  • Vaillant VRC470F thermostat
    Vaillant VRC470FThe VRC 470f has the same functionality as the VRC470 programmable room thermostat, with the exception that it operates wirelessly. You can control the temperature Programmable Room 7 day Digital Room Thermostat from Vaillant allows you to set 3 different temperatures for each day of the week.


Other alternatives:

The Vaillant heating controls referenced above are all manufactured by Vaillant themselves. However there is a number of aftermarket heating controls which are manufacturered by other top brands which also work with the Vaillant boiler range. These include:

  • Honeywell heating control for ecotec boilersHoneywell
    With a range of different heating controls available, it is easy to see why Honeywell have long been the aftermarket heating controls solution of choice. Similar to the choice available in Vaillant's own range, there is a variety of options when it comes to choosing your heating control. The Honeywell CM921 is a wireless digital programmable room thermostat which lets you set your timings & temperatures over a 24 hour period. The Honeywell CM927 offers the same sort of functionality but with the added bonus of being able to set your heating settings for a whole week. The CM901 and CM907 are also digital room thermostats, the only difference is that these need to be wired to the boiler (no wireless operation unlike the CM921 and CM927). Honeywell also do some more basic room thermostats, which allow you to control your boilers operational temperature settings but not when your central heating comes on and off (for example, see the T6360B room stat). The Honeywell range offers an extensive choice of options at an affordable price.
  • Salus heating control for Vaillant boilerSalus
    Designed specifically to work with Vaillant Ecotec boilers, the Salus ST620VC is a wireless programmable room thermostat with full 7 day programming (closely resembling Vaillant own VRT350f in terms of functionality). It is an economical and reliable alternative to the heating controls from Vaillant themselves. 

  • OWL Internet Thermostats
    Are you looking for a wireless room thermostat that can be controlled via the internet? The OWL heating control series give you just what you need with room thermostats that work with combi, heat only and system boilers.  The Android or iOS app then lets ou control your central heating on-the-go using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

  • NestNest Learning Thermostat
    The Nest is one of the most popular internet heating controls available, offering stylish design features and amazing performance levels. The Nest itself is wired to your boiler and allows you to control how your heating system works using the internet (through the iOS and Android compatible app).


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