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Vented Cylinders

Hot water cylinders are used to store hot water for when it is required. Hot water cylinders are popular for larger homes or households with a high hot water demand and usage. Constructed from high quality and durable stainless steel or copper, hot water cylinders ensure longevity for a variety of domestic and commercial uses.

Vented hot water cylinders rely on a feeder tank to provide it with mains fed cold water. This water is then heated and is distributed to the hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers) as part of a gravity led system. Vented cylinders tend to be used alongside regular boiler installations, whereas unvented cylinders are commonly used with system boiler installations.

At Direct Heating Supplies we stock a range of vented direct hot water cylinders from leading household brands, and they are all available at fantastic competitive prices.

Please note all cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line. Any incorrectly purchased hot water cylinder that you wish to return will involve a restocking fee and expensive carriage charges.

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What is a Vented Hot Water Cylinder?

A Vented Hot Water Cylinder stores hot water which is fed from a cold water tank. Vented Hot Water Cylinders are popular amongst the larger home with a high hot water demand. Vented Hot Water Cylinders are commonly known for distributing a large amount of hot water to multiple hot water outlets e.g. taps and showers simultaneously. Vented Hot Water Cylinders tend to be cheaper and require almost no maintenance, simple in their construction. Vented Hot Water Cylinders operate at a lower pressure making them more affordable than an unvented hot water cylinder.

How does a Vented Hot Water Cylinder work?

A Vented Hot Water Cylinder is used within traditional approaches to store hot water. Before the Vented Hot Water Cylinder can store hot water, a cold water storage tank is required to feed water to the hot water cylinder on a gravity system. The cold water is heated either directly from an immersion heater which is built within the hot water cylinder itself or indirectly via a central heating boiler or solid fuel appliance.

What Vented Hot Water Cylinders are available?

Here at Direct Heating Supplies, we offer a wide variety of Vented Hot Water Cylinders from Uk’s top hot water cylinder manufacturers such as, Albion, Telford and Gledhill. We supply both Direct Vented Hot Water Cylinders and Indirect Hot Water Cylinders. Not sure on the difference? Read on more to find out which one is best suited for your hot water demand and an overview of the cylinders we have to offer.

What is a Direct Vented Hot Water Cylinder?

Some properties don’t have access to mains gas which proves somewhat difficult when it comes to heating hot water. Therefore, a Direct Vented Hot Water Cylinder is the ideal solution as the hot water is heated internally within the cylinder itself directly.

What is an Indirect Vented Hot Water Cylinder?

Unlike a direct cylinder, an indirect hot water cylinder has nothing inside to heat the water. An Indirect Vented Hot Water Cylinder relies on an external source of heat e.g. a boiler. The boiler feeds hot water into the cylinder which has a coil that sits in the cylinder which heats the water as it passes through.