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If you're currently renovating your bathroom interior (or are thinking about completing one in the near future), now is the perfect opportunity to add an extractor fan. Bathroom extractor fans are great for a wide range of different reasons but installing one properly and even picking out the right model to meet your needs requires a deeper understanding of just how they work in the first place. At Direct Heating Supplies, we understand how important it is to keep out damp and prevent mould in your bathroom. That’s why we have a wide range of bathroom extractor fans available to suit the fittings and requirements of your bathroom layout. From the top UK brand such as Xpelair, you can guarantee you will be receiving a 100% genuine product which is of high-quality and at a great low price. Order your extractor fan from Direct Heating Supplies to be eligible for free delivery when you spend over £50 exc vat.

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What is an extractor fan?

Many people think the purpose of an extractor fan in your bathroom is to remove bad odours, but the extractor fan in your bathroom serves more important factors. Extractor fans work by extracting warm and moist air which is produced from the use of a bath or shower. Warm, moist air not only encourages mould growth but also can cause damage to the fixtures and surfaces in a bathroom.

How do extractor fans work?

Extractor fans work by the use of suction to draw odours, moisture and other elements up and out of your bathroom via a vent. The extractor fan passes the moisture through the ductwork of your home and disposes of it on the outside of your home through the dedicated vent. The main working principle of an extractor fan is its strength of ventilation which pulls the air up through a downwards vent.

At Direct Heating Supplies we only sell 100% genuine, high-quality products. All our bathroom extractor fans are manufactured by the market leading brand, Xpelair. With our extensive range of Xpelair fans available, you can rest assured there is one to suit the requirements of your bathroom.

Purchase your Xpelair bathroom extractor fan from Direct Heating Supplies today to be eligible for free delivery when you spend over £50 exc vat.