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Water Softeners

Many areas of the UK are affected by hard water. Hard water can make heating bills more expensive and as a result home appliances may need replacing and descaling more frequently. Whilst we cannot alter the water supply to our properties, we are able to treat and filter water using water softeners to ensure our appliances avoid the damaging effects of hard water.

Water softeners remove hard minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium from the water supply, minimising the damage caused by limescale to home appliances, pipes and heating systems. This not only helps by improving the efficiency of your home appliances, but also minimises damage and consequent repairs.

At Direct Heating Supplies we stock an extensive range of water softeners from top brands including BWT and Monarch, so you’ll be sure to find a softener to suit your home. Don’t forget when you order your water softener and heating supplies from Direct Heating Supplies, you’ll receive free delivery when your order comes to over £50 excluding VAT.

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Hard Water

Many areas of the UK are subject to a hard water supply, which has damaging effects on your central heating system and home appliances. Hard water occurs when there is a high presence of Calcium, Manganese and Magnesium ions within the water. For some areas of the UK, these levels are naturally high making the water extremely hard. To check your water hardness levels visit your water supplier’s website who will be able to give you more information on your water supply.

Hard water can affect many areas of day to day life from making bathroom goods harder to clean to shortening the lifespan of water using home appliances such as showers, kettles and even washing machines.

How Does a Metred Water Softener Work?

When it comes to selecting a water softener to install in your home, metered water softeners are often the most economical and are simple to use and install. Unlike other water softeners available on the market a metred water softener uses softening salt as water is used in your home. This way, there is no salt wastage and the correct level of salt is used.

Getting Technical:

A metred water softener softens your home’s water by using a process called ion exchange, this means swapping the damaging ions for safe sodium ions. Within the water softener there is a tank full with negatively charged polystyrene beads. Calcium,

Manganese and Magnesium all carry positive charges, this means that they will be attracted to the polystyrene beads.

To regenerate the beads once they are full with Calcium and Magnesium ions a Sodium brine is ran through the system. Sodium has a stronger positive charge than the other mineral ions, therefore this flushes the Magnesium and Calcium ions away from the polystyrene beads so they can be drained away.

The Benefits of Using Softened Water:

Take a look below at just a few of the benefits of using softened water within your home:

  • Shinier kitchenware including glasses, plates and cutlery
  • A decreased number of hard water deposits on bathroom goods making cleaning much easier
  • Softer and brighter laundry
  • Increased lifespan of water using appliances due to less chalky deposits building up inside them
  • Soaps and detergents will lather more easily resulting in less products being used for cleaning and bathing
  • Better feeling hair and skin