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What Fire Can I Have in my Property?

The Types of UK Fires you are able to have in your home will likely depend on the ventilation options open to you within your property.

Gas fires produce waste gases that need to be removed from the property via a chimney or a flue. We describe some of the common ventilation setups found across UK homes and give an overview as to what type of fires can be used in each of these. However we advise that customers consult a qualified Gas Safe engineer for professional installation advice and recommendations prior to purchase.

  • Pre-Fabricated Flues - Typically have Single or Twin Flue Pipes that interlock and travel up the wall to a Gas Terminal situated on the roof of the property.
  • Pre-Cast Flue - A flue constructed of metal or concrete within the wall of the property. The flue takes waste gases vertically towards a ridge located on the roof.
  • Traditional Stone Chimney - You will more likely know if you have a chimney in your property as you will have a chimney breast located in one of the rooms of your home and chimney pots on your roof.
  • No Chimney or Flue if you have no chimney or flue you will need to look at an electric fire or a new flueless gas fire option.

 What fire can I have in my property