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What Hot Water System Do You Have?

The type of hot water system you have within your home can affect which shower types are best suited for installation. Use our guide below to quickly identify what hot water system you have and to find out what types of shower would be compatible. If you are in any doubt when selecting a shower for your home needs we recommend that you ask your plumber or heating engineer for their professional opinion.

Gravity Fed

With a gravity fed system the hot water for your shower is stored in a hot water cylinder and the cold water is stored in a cold water tank (this is often located in the loft).

The water supply uses gravity to generate the necessary power so that you can use it when showering.

Gravity fed water systems allow a home owner to choose from a large range of shower types. Gravity fed water systems can work with mixer showers, electric showers, electric power showers and pumped digital showers.



High Pressure vented system (using a Combi Boiler)

Combi boilers are connected directly to the mains water supply and heats water on demand as it flows through the appliance, the water is then distributed to the hot water outlets within the property using the mains water pressure.

Showers that are installed as part of a high pressure vented system are able to utilise the supply of hot water that is provided by the boiler and can therefore rely on an instantaneous hot water supply.

Properties with a Combi boiler installed have the choice of installing a mixer, electric or a digital shower within their bathroom.

However, it is important to note that you cannot use a shower pump with a combi boiler system as the speed of the water supply is dictated by the mains water pressure.



High Pressure unvented systems

If you have a high pressure unvented system you will find an expansion vessel next to your boiler and will have a hot water cylinder which stores the water you use for your shower. With high pressure unvented systems there is no cold water tank.

When it comes to high pressure unvented systems they can successfully work with mixer showers, electric showers, electric power showers and un-pumped digital showers.