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What types of Fire are available?

What type of fire are available?

Adding a fire to a room in your home is a sure ‘fire’ way to add an eye-catching feature that provides the dual function of being both functional and stylish in equal measure. There are a few different types of fire available that you can choose from and to make things easier we have provided a summary of each of these fire types below:


Gas Fires

If you are looking for an authentic flame effect, then a traditional gas fire could be just what you need. Gas fires use a supply line of natural gas. The gas is then ignited at the push of a button to produce a flame that not only looks great but also generates the heat required to keep your home nice and cosy. If you’re thinking of purchasing a gas fire you will need a gas supply into the area that you want to install your gas fire as well as appropriate ventilation in the form of a traditional brick chimney or flue (prefabricated or pre-cast). We always recommend that you discuss any gas fire requirements with a qualified Gas Safe engineer before purchasing a gas fire. If access to a gas supply is a problem, you can always consider an electric fire (see below for more details).


Electric Fires

Stylish and efficient, electric fires are increasingly popular due to the ease in which they can be installed within the home. Electric fires mimic a traditional gas fire thanks to their realistic-looking LED flame effects and authentic-looking coal and pebble fuel bed options. They are recognised for providing a strong heating performance almost unrecognisable from that of a gas fire. Electric fires come in a variety of shapes and sizes too. Browse our range of electric fires at great prices here.

Solid Fuel Fires

As a traditional fire, solid fuel fires generate heat by burning coal or wood. Solid fuel fireplaces are therefore built to withstand high temperatures generated by real fire and often come with a grate that holds the fuel. If you want to create a traditional serene to any room in your home, a solid fuel fire is the perfect feature to do so. Ventilation is also a major consideration so please consult a qualified Gas Safe engineer before installing a solid fuel fire. See our range of solid fuel stoves from some of the UK’s biggest domestic and commercial heating manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch and Hillandale here.