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What Types of Shower are there?

What types of showers are there?

There are a few different choices open to you when it comes to choosing the type of shower you want for your bathroom. Each shower has its own perks and is each suited to different types of water systems. If you are in any doubt as to which type of shower you need for your system, it may be worth checking with a plumber to get more information and find out what options are available for you to choose from. You can view our online catalogue of affordable showers here. Find out more about the different types of showers available to purchase with our quick guide.

What choices do I have?


Electric Showers

Electric showers work with any type of hot water system by heating the water directly as it flows through the appliance. By utilising the cold-water supply and heating the water when required this allows you to benefit from reliable hot water upon demand which doesn't rely on the boiler.

When purchasing your electric shower, look out for the showers power which is measured in kilo watts (kW). Showers with a high kilowatt rating can handle higher temperatures at an increased flowrate. Some electric showers come with a stabiliser that can help your shower’s temperature and pressure to be retained, even when other water outputs are being utilised elsewhere in your property – this is always worth considering if you have a busy home!

Power Showers

Power showers use an electric pump to provide an extra powerful performance - this can be the perfect choice if you don’t have a high-pressure water system. Cold and hot water is mixed to achieve the temperature you desire and is then propelled from the shower head at a high speed (with a little help from an integrated shower pump). If you are looking to install a power shower, it is important to remember they use three times as much electricity compared to a standard electric shower. Furthermore, power showers have higher flowrates, which can result in an increased level of water usage. Overall, if you’re looking for a revitalising shower experience, a power shower may be the choice for you.

Mixer Showers

Suitable for high pressure water systems with lots of hot water, mixer showers, require you to ‘mix’ cold and hot water until you get your desired temperature.

There are 2 types of mixer showers:

Standard mixer shower – Standard mixer showers rely on you to physically use the shower controls to mix your hot and cold water.

Thermostatic mixer shower – Thermostatic mixer showers automatically reach and maintain the temperature you desire, giving you a more enjoyable shower experience. The valve that mixes the hot and cold water can either be 'exposed' (as seen with a shower appliance that hangs on your shower wall) or "built in" (BIV) and sit behind your bathroom wall, giving you a neater shower installation. With a broad array of stylish mixer showers available to choose from there is bound to be one that would be a great addition for your bathroom.


Digital Showers

Digital showers are the most recent addition to the shower family, making it possible to control the temperature and flow of your shower's water supply using an easy to use digital display screen. When it comes to digital showers you have a wide choice of options to help ensure your shower is running exactly how you want it to.