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Worcester Boilers

Worcester boilersFor A-rated boilers, look no further than Worcester. With an enviable reputation in the market, Worcester boilers represent reliability and exceptional value for money. What’s more, for the 10th year running, Worcester boilers have been awarded the title of Which? Best Buy.

The flagship Greenstar range of Worcester boilers includes combi boilers, heat only regular boilers and system boilers, all of which are available in a selection of fuel types.

At Direct Heating Supplies we also bundle products together including boilers, flues and accessories view these convenient bundles in our Worcester Boiler Packs department.

Benefit from free delivery within 2 working days for most UK orders when you buy a Worcester boiler from Direct Heating Supplies. Need advice? Why not visit our boiler advice pages or contact our sales team during office hours?

Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.


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Worcester Boilers

Direct Heating Supplies sells a large amount of Worcester Boilers, to people just like you in the UK. All of the gas boilers we have are available with free delivery and all feature level A ratings for their effectiveness, so you will enjoy premium levels of heating efficiency. We also offer a large range of boiler accessories and parts, to serve you best.

We carry the Worcester’s flagship Greenstar range that includes combination boilers, heat only boilers as well as system boilers.We are a completely online heating and supply store, and ship to all addresses in the UK. We offer free two day shipping with most orders. Since we are totally online, we can pass the savings on to our valued customers. Enjoy the most affordable boilers delivered right to your front door today!

About Our Boilers


This is one of the most popular boilers available in the UK today. This model is suitable for large and medium properties, with three to four bedrooms. This attractive boiler puts out a central heating output of 30 kilowatts, and has a domestic hot water flow rate of 14.3 liters per minute.

The Worcester 34CDI is able to provide high levels of heat and hot water. It is an A-rated boiler, that is unique because it can condense in both heating and hot water mode. This results in higher efficiency output and greater fuel savings.

There is a five year warranty on Greenstar Gas Boilers as standard. The 34CDi is part of the powerful CDi Classic range of combi boilers. This model works on a natural gas supply chain and can provide the home with both the central heating and hot water for the whole property.


This is the latest and greatest in combi boilers from Worcester. This model was designed to be a replacement for the Greenstar 28i Junior, which happens to be one of Britain's most popular machines. Worcester is hoping that this model will live up to the hype of the original.

The 30i is perfect for small to medium properties that have a higher demand for hot water than the average home. It is able to serve a home with four bedrooms and one bathroom. It has a central heating output of 24 kilowatts, and has a domestic hot water output of up to 30 kilowatts per hour.

This model is fully cohesive with the new energy directives, and is very efficient for its size. It operates at efficiency levels of over 90%,which gives it a level A SEDBUK rating.

Central heating and hot water temperature control are offered standard with this model. In fact, you are able to increase your efficiency in standby mode, at just 3.5 Watts. This is something you cannot do with most other models of a comparable size.

Hot water is also instant with this machine, no more waiting for heated water out of your faucets. This is a huge bonus on those cold winter mornings. You no longer have to fear, this machine offers the lowest available levels of NOx and CO2 emissions out of any machine on the market today. You can feel good about purchasing this boiler from Worcester.

With a wide range of fully compatible digital, mechanical, and wireless heating controls, you can easily arrange this model to fit your needs. We offer a five year guarantee standard with this model, to protect your investment!


The 25si compact combi boiler has a 24 kilowatt output and a 10.2 kilowatt domestic flow rate. This is an ideal water and central heating solution to service smaller properties, with up to three bedrooms and one bathroom. This is perfect for a flat, bungalow or small house.

The actual size of this boiler is what makes it so innovative. This is the smallest combi boiler to ever have been produced by Worcester. This can actually be installed within most kitchen cupboards, and can be easily kept out of sight.

Even though this boiler is so small, it has fantastic performance levels and amazing reliability. It has efficiency levels of over 90 Percent! Worcester is committed to helping users reduce their monthly heating bills.

Worcester offers a five year guarantee standard on any model. There is also a ten year warranty on the primary heat exchange,as well as a five year anti-scale warranty on your domestic hot water heat exchanger. This combi boiler will need a flue, as there is not one supplied standard. We also offer a wide range of flues that will work with any Worcester machine.


This model has a central heating output of 24kw, and is an ideal option for medium sized homes. It can easily service properties with up to four bedrooms and one bathroom, that has a higher demand for hot water.

Greenstar’s machine has a hot water flow rate of 12.3 liters per minute with a 35 degree rise in temperature possible. This is an extremely compact machine that has dimensions of just 690mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 280mm (d). In fact, this unit is so small it can even fit in kitchen cupboards, to not compete with your home's decor.

Even though it has extremely small dimensions, it is works an efficiency of almost 90%. This machine is compliant with all the new ERP rules, and has a built in LCD display for operation and fault diagnosis.

Direct Heating offers a standard five year warranty on this model, but there is also a 5 year anti scale warranty, and a ten year warranty on primary heat exchange available through Worcester.


If you own a home with three bedrooms and one bathroom, and have a low need for hot water, you will love this model from Worcester. It has a maximum central heating output of 24 kilowatts, and has a hot water flow rate of 11.4 liters per minute.

The SEDBUK rating of this machine is a level “A”, which put its efficiency rating of above 90.5%. It has a maximum temperature setting override, so you can configure your boiler to that it does not go above a certain temperature. It has recyclable components so you can feel good about keeping it in your home.

It can help you to save you money on your heating bills each month, with its high efficiency standby mode. Simple and intelligent control options are able to optimize boiler efficiency and fuel consumption.

It has a five year manufacturer's warranty, and a five year guarantee on plate heat exchange, as well as a ten year guarantee on Worcester primary heat exchanger. There is also a five year guarantee that comes standard on the Greenstar gas boilers.


This is a combi boiler that has a 24 kilowatt output, and a 13.1dhw flow rate. This uses a natural gas fuel type. This boiler is able to meet up with the heating and hot water needs of a large to mid sized property. It is ideal for homes with four bedrooms and a single bathroom plus ensuite.

It has a central heating output of 24KW, and a hot water flow rate of 13.1 liters per minute at a 35 degree temperature rise. It also has a domestic hot water output of 32kW.

The best part of this machine is that is comes equipped with a maximum temperature setting override, you are able to configure your boiler so that it doesn’t go above a specified temperature. It has recycled components right in its construction, so you can feel good about your contributions to the environment with this product.

This product has an efficiency rating of over 90%, and you are able to gain three credits for the sustainable home’s code by simply purchasing this boiler. The boiler itself, and the surrounding pumps are protected from the frost with built in technology.

The Worcester CDi Compact range is also available in DHW outputs of 28kW and 36kW, with other versions also available.


If you have a home with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, this is the ideal boiler for you! This model is one of the smallest to ever be produced by Worcester, it can even fit in a kitchen cupboard.

It offers the highest level of heat and water despite its compact dimensions and has been given a level “A” SEDBUK rating. This rating means that the machine operates at a rate of over 90.5%. This machine can even help you save money on your heating bills.

The 36CDi Compact has been revised to include a new ErP compliant pump, creating the new model to be inline with new legislation, that covers new boilers and other heating appliances. This model also has comfort and eco models, depending on whether or not you want to save money, or whether you want to have luxurious amounts of hot water.


Are you looking for the top combi boiler? Give the 29CDI model a try if you have a four bedrooms and single bathroom, that has a high demand for hot water. This model offers a 30 kilowatt boiler at an effective price. It also has a domestic hot water flow rate of up to 12.3 liters per minute.

This model is able to provide high levels of central heating and hot water. This model is a stylish and efficient A-Rated combi boiler. It can condense in both heating and hot water modes, which gives you the greatest efficiency and fuel savings possible.

While this product does not come with a flue, or timer standard with purchase, you can purchase those in addition. They are not very expensive, and we offer all compatible models right at Direct Heating.


This is one of the biggest UK models available, and is also one of the best sellers available. It is popular for home that have at least four bedrooms and one bathroom plus ensuite. It has a 30kw central heating output, and the domestic hot water flow rate is 14.3 liters per minute.

The Greenstar Classic range is able to provide high levels of central heating and hot water, and is perfect for medium to large sized homes. The wall mounting frame that comes with this model allows unattractive piping to be hidden from view. The 34CDI is a perfect model for larger homes with high water needs! Worcester are considered one of the leading heating manufacturers in the UK, due to their effectiveness and reliability.


If you need one of the top boilers for a large to medium property, this one is for you! This range is ideal for medium to large properties with up to five bedrooms and two bathrooms. This model can provide hot water and central heating for even the largest spaces.

This model has the highest possible, level “A” SEDBUK efficiency rating. If you are worries about this model lasting, Worcester offers a standard five year warranty on all greenstar gas boilers. Worcester has actually been renowned for its leading after sales customer support for all its models sold in the UK.


The 42CDI classic combi boiler happens to be one of the UK’s top gas combi boilers. It has large properties for high demand of reliable and instant hot water. This is perfect for five bedrooms or more than two bedrooms. It has a maximum central heating output of 30kW and a domestic flow rate of up to 17.2 liters per minute. This model is able to condense in both heating and hot water modes, which can result in greater efficiency and even bigger fuel savings than with other models from Worcester.

Worcester is renowned for their worldwide customer support and are one of the leading heating manufacturers in the United Kingdom. This model comes with an exceptional five year manufacturer's guarantee standard with every purchase.


This is a floor standing boiler that has been designed for large properties with a large number of radiators and an extremely high demand for instant hot water. The higher outputs of this range are suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms. This model has a central heating output of 30kW, and a domestic hot water flow rate of 20 liters per minute. With this model from Worcester, you are able to control both the hot water and central heating temperatures. Like all of the Greenstar boilers from Worcester, the high flow series are A-Rated from SEDBUK for being over 90% fuel efficient. This will reduce your heating bills, and also be great for the environment.

The multi directional fluing from this unit means the boiler can be placed nearly anywhere. Both the hot water and central heating temperatures can be controlled with this model from Worcester. The mechanical, digital and intelligent controls are all compatible with this model. You can also feel secure with your purchase, as Worcester offers a five year warranty on Greenstar and Highflow models of boilers.


This boiler is the perfect choice for small properties such as flats and bungalows. This offers compact measurements. This model has the potential to save you a lot of money on your annual heating bills and gives you peace of mind even through the cold winter months.

It is important to know that this unit will require a hot water cylinder in order to deliver hot water to the property. This is an extremely high efficiency machine, that has the capability to cut heating and hot water bills by 15-20% in just one year. A high efficiency boiler can actually pay for itself in time, with all the savings you will have upgrading your low efficiency boiler. This boiler only weighs 25kg, meaning you need just one person to install this model effectively.

This boiler does not include a flue, you will need to purchase any of the many compatible boiler packs in order to use this effectively. With the high quality of boilers from Worcester, you never need to worry about replacing this model in the years to come. In fact, Worcester also offers a standard five year warranty with the purchase of this boiler.


This small model is perfect for small properties with low heating and hot water demands. Regular boilers only provide heat for your central heating, and require a hot water cylinder as well, to be installed to provide this property with hot water. The 12Ri model can actually cut your heating bill by up to 20% annually! These savings mean more money in your pocket each month!

This model has a central heating output of 12k and a BTU output of 40,000 per month. You will need to purchase an additional flue for this installation. We offer a Worcester Standard Flue along with any extensions you may need.

Choose A Worcester Boiler For Your Home Today!

Worcester has been an industry leader in heaters and boilers for many years. Their machines are extremely efficient and effective, and are the best value for your money in the eyes of many consumers. They offer flawless customer service support, and an impressive warranty on almost all models. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that any boiler issues will be dealt with in a timely manner, and have costs covered by Worcester themselves. Almost all of their products include at least a five year warranty standard with purchase, this is far above industry standard!

Order your boilers from Direct Heating Supplies and take advantage of our low prices and quick delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom. Direct Heating Supplies is a complete online warehouse that offers the lowest prices possible on all heating supplies and accessories. Since we do not have a retail store, we are able to pass on the savings directly to our customers! You can enjoy the lowest price possible on all Worcester Boilers and accessories, delivered right to your door!