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Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer
Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer
Worcester Greenstar Comfort Controls Compatibility
Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer
Worcester Greenstar Comfort Controls Compatibility

Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer

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Expected Delivery:  1 - 2 working days
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Additional Information

Brand Worcester
Lead Time 1 - 2 working days
Channels 2
Interface Digital
Program Options 7 Day
Type Programmer
Wireless Yes
Manufacturer Part No: 7733600002


The Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Wireless Programmer from Worcester Bosch. The top level Wireless Twin channel controller for your new compatible Worcester Greenstar Boiler. Featuring advanced wireless communication between programmable-thermostat and boiler.  Also known as the Worcester Comfort 2 programmer, the easy to use remote system will bring your boiler to life with control of both your heating and hot water.

What Does Comfort II Wireless Programmer do?

  • Programme and control heating and hot water at the room thermostat
  • Up To 6 Heating Control Timings and 3 Hot Water Timings per day
  • Intelligent conversation between control and boiler for increased efficiency
  • No wiring required and extremely reliable RF signal
  • Pre-set heating and hot water programme
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Holiday mode of which only frost protection will remain active throughout this programmable period

This Worcester Greenstar Comfort II RF Programmer is a digital timer that is a suitable upgrade over the lesser Comfort I RF and allows for quick and convenient control of your heating and/or hot water. The added benefit of the new Comfort I RF programmer is the optional 5 year warranty**

  • Product type:  Timer,Programmer
  • Controls:  Heating, Hot water
  • Programmable Period:  24 hrs and 7 days a week (6 adjustable time periods each day)

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The wall mounted unit is a twin channel RF Programmable room thermostat. The Programmable room thermostat is for central heating and hot water control with modulating/enhanced load compensating boiler regulation.Up to six time and temperature periods can be set to control central heating as well as up to three ON and Off times to control hot water. This enhance load compensating function enables an intelligent conversation with the boiler to achieve the desired room temperature in the most efficient way possible.

To help you save money by burning less fuel, and to minimise room temperature “overshoot” the boiler may stop firing just prior to the desired room temperature being reached. This behaviour including reduced radiator temperature is perfectly normal. You simply set a temperature on the thermostat that you are comfortable with and allow the Comfort II RF Programmer and boiler to do their work.

All programming and adjustment is conveniently done from the Programmable room thermostat making the Greenstar Comfort II RF an excellent solution if your boiler is not easily accessible. The unit has user and installer menus to allow the setting of the temperatures, time programs, monitoring of system information, setting current time/date, daylight savings, maintenance schedules, and pairing the device with the Receiver.

If you are using a Worcester System or Regular boiler, you may require an extra part in order to use the Comfort series of controls. Please contact Worcester for further information. Please note that the Worcester Greenstar Comfort Range will only be compatible with Worcester Greenstar Boilers that feature EMS-BUS capabilities. Please ensure your boiler has this feature by checking your boiler pcb for the connection shown right: worcester comfort compatibility

*Wall mounting is only available when using optional Wall Mounting Accessory kit - Not Included
**5 Year warranty applies when purchased and installed with a brand new Worcester Boiler, otherwise, 1 Year Warranty.