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Welcome To Direct Heating Supplies

Direct Heating Supplies are one of the UK's leading plumbing and heating retailers serving thousands of new customers every month, served by our ever-expanding team at our head office in Sittingbourne, Kent. Established online in early 2000, Direct Heating Supplies was founded by a group of plumbing and heating experts, backed by a parent company with over 45 years of the trade behind them. Recognising that the public and trades want plumbing and heating supplies at the best possible prices, our expert knowledge and support from all the top brands, it is our goal to provide top quality products, at the best prices, along with the best service possible.

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Mothers day

Sunday 11th March represents a very meaningful day in Britain, a day filled with love and care; Mothering Sunday. Mothers day is the one special, traditional day for you to show your mother just how important she is to you, and we feel that some of the same treatments should be applied to your home. MORE >>

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Water Softeners

Within the UK, the type of water that runs through your pipes can vary based on the mineral content of the water this can include calcium and magnesium. With hard water containing large quantities of these particles, and soft water containing the least. MORE >>

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Winter Olympics 2018

Held every four years, the Winter Olympics is a prestigious event which inspires athletes globally. This year the Winter Olympics is being held in Pyeongchang a city in South Korea, making 2018 the coldest winter Olympics in 30 years, with the potential of -11 C temperatures! MORE >>

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Bleeding your Radiator

Are you finding that your radiator isn’t performing as efficiently as possible, or that there is a lack of heat being generated? Without your radiator producing the desired heat output, you could be spending money unnecessarily on heating bills. MORE >>

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How to replace your radiator

Installing a new radiator in your home can be beneficial to the overall style of the room, and the efficiency that is produced by the radiator, cutting your heating costs in the process. Read below to find out how to replace your radiator, including both the removal and installation stages of the process.


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