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Column Radiators

Column Radiators

Column radiators owe their name to the way in which they’re built, with bold vertical or horizontal columns that evenly distribute heat around your room. With a distinctly traditional style, column radiators can reach optimal levels of heat quickly, ensuring your home heats up in no time.

Featuring a much larger surface area compared to standard panel radiators, column radiators are perfect for heating very large or high ceilinged rooms found in traditional Victorian homes and other period properties. Column radiators are categorised by the number of vertical columns they have. Radiators with more columns provide a higher BTU output and are therefore better suited to heating the largest of rooms.

Our range of column radiators includes popular models from brands such as Myson. Doubling up as more than just a functional necessity, Myson’s column radiators are beautifully designed and well-constructed, with a 10 year warranty as standard across the range. Explore our selection below.

At Direct Heating Supplies, we have a wide selection of high quality column radiators available in a range of styles and sizes from some on the UK’s leading brands. Use the filter selections on this page to find the specific size you require or contact our sales team for further assistance.

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Key Features of Column Radiators

  • Available in different sizes, heat outputs and widths
  • Attractive traditional design
  • Great for large and high ceilinged spaces
  • Larger surface area that provides an increased level of heat
  • Can be positioned on the wall horizontally or vertically
  • Commonly fitted beneath windows so vital room space is not lost


    Column Radiator FAQs

    What size column radiator do I need?

    The size of your radiator will depend on the size available in your room and the amount of BTU output required to heat your room. If you have limited wall space but require a larger BTU, it may be advised that you look at column radiators with more columns (e.g. 3 columns and 4 columns) to ensure that a higher BTU can achieved without compromising wall space. Use our BTU calculator for further assistance.


    Why do some column radiators need feet?

    Certain column radiators have feet as they’ve been specifically designed to be freestanding instead of attached to a wall bracket. If a product on our site is advertised as needing feet or a floor bracket, these can be purchased separately on our website.


    What heat output do I require for my room?

    The heat output required depends on a number of factors including the BTU of your radiator, the size of the room the radiator is to be fitted in, the size of your radiator and additional external factors that can be researched here.