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Ideal Combi Boilers

Ideal Combi Boilers

Ideal are one of the UKs leading heating manufacturers and have a wide selection of combi boilers available for your home. The Ideal Combi Boiler range is fully ErP compliant, this means they meet the new manufacture criteria set by the European Union to insure all new boilers operate to an A-rating efficiency level.

There are a number of different Ideal Combi Boiler models available and you can find them all here at Direct Heating Supplies. Ideal manage to combine well engineered and user friendly boilers all at an affordable price.

Whatever your homes needs are you can find an Ideal boiler to suite, if you are in need of a new boiler then take advantage of our amazing delivery times and receive your new boiler within two working days as standard.

A huge benefit of choosing to buy an Ideal Combi Boiler is their incredible warranty periods (T&C’s apply), for example:

Please find our complete range of Ideal Combi Boilers below.

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What's The Difference Between The Ideal Combi Boiler Models?

The Ideal Combi Boiler range is 1 of the most popular available in the UK. With a wide selection of boilers available, home owners won’t struggle to find a Combi boiler that meets the central heating output or flowrate that is required to heat their home warm.

Please read on to find out more about the different boiler models available:

Ideal Logic

Probably our biggest selling boiler model in the Ideal range. The Logic series contains 3 boilers, each 1 suited for different property sizes with different heating demands. With a 2 year warranty, the Ideal Logic boiler is a great addition to any home and is available for a comparatively cheap price compared to some of the other boilers available on the market.

Ideal Logic Plus

1 of the most common questions we get at Direct Heating Supplies is “What is the difference between the Logic and Logic Plus boilers?” Thankfully for us the answer is very simple. The only difference is in the warranty period. The boilers themselves are exactly the same but with the Logic Plus series you get an extended manufacturer warranty of 5 years (compared to the standard Logic’s 2 years). You are paying a litte bit more for the peace of mind that if anything happens with your boiler over a 5 year period, Ideal are on hand to help resolve the issue.

Ideal Vogue

As 1 of the most stylish & efficient boilers on the market, the Ideal Vogue is probably the most sophisticated boiler in Ideal’s catalogue, with features including a LED screen, fault history store and 7:1 modulation range. With top notch inner components, the Ideal Vogue is recognised as being 1 of the smartest boilers around making it ‘ideal’ for those looking for a premium-level boiler.

Ideal i-Mini

With space in a lot of properties across the UK at a premium, Ideal have unveiled their Ideal i-Mini boiler range in a bit to tackle this potential problem. With some of the most compact dimensions of any boiler out there, the i-Mini Combi boiler is perfect for smaller properties like flats & apartments.

Ideal Logic Code

Developed with the purpose of meeting modern building regulations, the Ideal Logic Code boiler makes meeting legal obligations when building new properties much simpler – this makes them popular with developers.