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OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111
OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111
OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111
OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111
OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111

OWL Intuition-cw Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler TSE220-111

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Item Code: TSE220-111
Expected Delivery:  5 - 10 working days
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Additional Information

Brand OWL
Lead Time 5 - 10 working days
Channels 1
Interface Digital/Internet
Program Options Various
Type Programmable Thermostat
Wireless Yes
Manufacturer Part No: TSE220-111


The wireless OWL Intuition-CW device is part of a new range of innovative heating devices that allows you to control your heating system using the internet, enabling you to optimise your home's Combi boiler heating performance from almost anywhere!  

The OWL Intuition-CW stands out from the other devices on the market as it allows you to control your central heating timings and temperatures from anywhere in the world – all you need is access to the internet.

Controlling your central heating system settings online is a simple & straight forward process. You simply login to the intuitive OWL Intelligent Cloud platform and from here you can remotely configure your heating to operate at the desired settings.

For those on the go, you’ll be delighted to hear that you can also download the OWL app for your iOS or Android device. It couldn’t be simpler to control your heating system from your iPhone or Android mobile!Owl Intuition CW

Away from all the modern internet controls, you can also choose to control your central heating from the wall hung thermostat itself. There are even 3 available Push Button options on the thermostat controls that make it easy to switch options quickly. The options include:

  • Comfort Mode – if it gets a bit chilly and you want to up the warmth in your home, you simply hit the “Comfort” button to increase the temperature.
  • Standby mode – Hit the “standby” button when you leave the house to set your heating to work to your pre-set standby settings. It’s a great way to ensure your heating performance is optimised, helping you to save energy.
  • Away mode – Going on holiday? Staying overnight on business? Select the “Away” button to turn your heating off.

With such an abundance of options open to you, it’s never been easier to make your central heating work efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Please note: this wireless device is for 1 channel Combi boiler systems only. If you want to retrofit a wired sensor device, please see the OWL Intuition-C. A device for conventional central heating systems (with heating and hot water tank control) is also available – please see the OWL Intuition-h device.


How does it work?

Despite being 1 of the most flexible and contemporary heating solutions on the market, The OWL Intuition-CW is incredibly simple to setup and use.

The Network OWL gateway plugs directly into your broadband router box. This then connects wirelessly to the Room Sensor which should be located in the room you use most (commonly living room or hall). The Room Sensor then uses radio signals to talk directly to your Combi boiler wirelessly.  You can then control your Combi boilers settings using an internet connection to get an enhanced heating performance at an affordable price.


Owl Intuition


What’s included?

  • Network OWL gateway with external antenna,
  • Plug top power supply (100-240v AC/5V DC) with UK & Euro Adaptors,
  • Ethernet Cable,
  • Relay Unit,
  • Room Sensor [RBT-3C] (Battery powered with Comfort (+), Standby & Away buttons),
  • Back plate,
  • Safety wiring cover,
  • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries,
  • Installation Instructions.


Watch our Unboxing video for further details about what you get when you purchase the OWL Intuition-CW:

Features & Benefits:

Want to find out more about the key features of this internet heating control? Take a look below to find out more:

  • Easy to use website dashboard – with access to the internet you can control how your OWL Intuition-CW Heating control works from anywhere.
  • Stylish Room Sensor – the battery powered room sensor connects using wireless technology to your boiler and has 3 easy to use default heating options including ‘Comfort’, ‘Standby’ and ‘Away’ modes.
  • Weather compensation – the OWL Intuition-CW can take the weather conditions outside to change heating start & finish times, helping your heating system to be even more intuitive.
  • App Combatable – the OWL apps make it easy to control when your heating comes on and off from your mobile device.
  • OWL Intelligent Cloud – intuitively learns about your home and energy usage and will help you ensure that your settings are optimised therefore conserving energy without sacrificing comfort.
  • Historic data graphs – view your historic room temperature data graphically.
  • Easy to Fit– the OWL Intuition-CW works with 99% of all wired gas Combi boiler systems (1 zone systems) and is incredibly easy to fit as part of a replacement retrofit solutions. A screw-able back plate is supplied, which makes it straight forward to affix the thermostat to the wall.
  • Automatic Updates – new features and improvements are released all the time and OWL make it incredibly easy to update your current version.
  • Reliability - if you lose internet connectivity for whatever reason you can rest assured that your heating will continue to operate to the settings you stipulated in the OWL Cloud dashboard thanks to the OWL sensors memory storage capabilities.

At Direct Heating Supplies we have the OWL Intuition-CW available for speedy dispatch, within 2 working days in most cases.

Order today to purchase this revolutionary new heating control, which offers savings from your heating bill using increased efficiency.