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Worcester Combi Boilers

Worcester Combi Boilers

As one of the UK's most popular brands, it is easy to see why the extensive range of Worcester Combi Boilers are one of our biggest sellers.

Worcester combi boilers are all A-rated combi boilers (the highest efficiency rating) and come with a range of hot water & central heating features. With a fantastic 5 year warranty on Si and CDi models purchased before 31 December 2014, there's never been a better time to buy a Worcester combi boiler.

Worcester Combi Boilers guide

What Worcester Combi Boiler do you need? View our Worcester Combi Boiler guide.

Worcester Combi Boilers Products (Total 23)

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Worcester Combi Boilers Products (Total 23)

1 of 2


Worcester logoWorcester Combi Boiler overview:

There are 4 different Worcester Combi boiler ranges currently available and all 4 are part of Worcester's A-rated Greenstar series.

  • I Junior range:

    Ideal for smaller properties, the I Junior boilers are perfect for properties with a lesser demand for hot water & heating. The 24i Junior and 28i Junior is available as a natural gas or LPG Worcester Combi Boiler.

  • Si Compact range:

    The Si Compact range is popular for mid-sized properties with 2-3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and an en-suite. The 25Si and 30Si Compact models have been revised and are smaller than ever and are both available as a Natural Gas or LPG fuelled Worcester Combi Boiler.

  • CDi Compact range:

    Like the SI range, the CDi Compact range has been revamped and is now smaller than ever, helping homeowners to install it within cupboard spacing. Despite its small size the CDi Compact is a powerful Combi boiler for medium to large properties. The 28CDi Compact, 32CDi Compact and 36CDi Compact can be purchased as Natural Gas or LPG fuelled Worcester Combi Boilers.

  • CDI range:
    The CDI range boasts the highest central heating outputs and flowrates out of all of the Worcester Combi Boiler ranges. The 29CDi, 34CDi, 38CDi and 42CDI are therefore typically found in large properties with 2 bathrooms or more. The CDI range comes as a Natural Gas or LPG model.

All our Worcester Combi Boilers are delivered Free of charge and are also available to purchase as boiler packs, which gives you the boiler, flue and a timer at a discounted price.

More information about the Worcester boiler range is available in our Worcester Combi Boiler guide.

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